Gibson Les Paul Custom Shop 68 Goldtop 70th Anniversary 2022

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Looking for a Goldtop guitar with a warm P90 sound and a comfortably thick neck? You might like this 1968 model from the Gibson Custom Shop. It’s super light, weighing in at just 3820g, and has a beautiful mahogany back that stands out. It feels great in your hands and plays wonderfully. What’s more, it delivers that warm, robust P90 sound that everyone wants in a guitar with P90 pickups. Also, the lacquer is extra hard, meaning the neck doesn’t get sticky like on some other Gibson models. Collectors might also find this guitar appealing, as it marks the 70th anniversary of one of the most beloved guitar designs ever – the Goldtop.

What is included?

All case candy and the original case.

How’s the condition?

Basically like new with some minor factory flaws. It has a lacquer flaw on the top (see images) which is very small and the case has a small defect on the bottom (see images).