Gibson Les Paul Custom 1970-72 Black Beauty 4,28kg Modded

Skonto Price


This Custom Black Beauty from 1970-72 is an exceptional piece! Weighing only 4.28 kg, it is a lightweight among the other beauties. It has a very slim and narrow neck, the saddle measures only 40 mm, so a perfect guitar for smaller handed player. It has a very warm but clean sound that is perfect for blues, but also for rock. The original pickups were replaced one day, so original 75′ T-tops are back in place, giving the guitar that original 70’s custom sound. Those who want the real deal, the real custom black beatuies, here’s your chance.


No neck breakage and no refinishing. This guitar has been very well cared for, perhaps too much. The original owner repaired a dong on the bottom (see pictures) and also a lacquer damage near the neck pickup cavity (see pictures with black light). Furthermore, the potis are from 91, the volume knobs were replaced, the pickups are from a 75′ Custom Black Beauty,  the neck pickup cover has been opened, the original case is not available and has been replaced with a custom shop R9 case. The guitar was recently refretted by a professional guitar seller who did a fascinating job!