Gibson Les Paul 2002 Boneyard Joe Perry

Skonto Price

Some guys are asking around 9 grand for this, but you’ll find it more affordable here. Personally, I prefer the 2002 models over the 2008s, which you see everywhere. The 2002s seem to have snatched the best bits of the 90s, with super light wood (this baby is just 3.8kg) and that very thin lacquer that cracks just right, giving it that rugged, vintage charm. The preowner switched the bridge pickup magnet and added a push-pull knob once, but the latter is back to how it was originally now. She’s got her battle scars from being played, but is nothing major. You’ll spot some lacquer cracks on the back and where the neck joins the body – but they’re just cosmetic. Frets are still in tip-top shape. The neck’s THICK, which I’m a fan of. Bit of a bummer, but the original case got sold off and the certificate’s gone missing. Still, she comes in an official custom case. Look past it and you’re getting a nice R9 with a KILLER TOP, big-time collector appeal, and a true standout piece.

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