Fender Precision Bass 1973 Candy Apple Red Custom Color Rare

Skonto Price


These are pretty rare. Like someone mentioned in the TalkBass forum: for every 100 sunburst early ‘70s Ps out there, you might find about 20 natural ones, 20 white ones, 10 black ones, and maybe 2 CARs. CAR stands for Candy Apple Red. Some folks say it was Leo Fender’s top color, and honestly, it’s mine too! When you play a CAR outside, it really shines because of the coating underneath. Given its great shape, it’s more a thing to keep safe as an investment than play a lot. Everything on it is original, right from the start. Nothing’s been switched out. The frets still look new. The neck is kinda thick, and it’s on the heavy side at 4290g, but it’s balanced and feels nice to play.

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