Fender Masterbuilt Jason Smith 2015 Namm Show Aged Oly White Over Sunburst

Skonto Price



This version of a strat might be the most popular version Jason Smith has ever built. There are many copies that can be seen on the Internet, but this is the first ever built and was presented at the NAMM Show 2015 (can be seen on youtube). The frets are at 95% and it comes with all the accessories that were included. Since this is a NAMM show model, the workshop Travaeller was replaced by a certificate, as can be seen in the photos. It weighs 3400g and has a medium-thick C-shaped 60s neck. It comes with rare Josefina Campos pickups that sound amazing! 65 fender decal, AA flmaed neck that is more a AAAA neck, 6105 frets and a very dark indian rosewood.

What’s the weight?