Fender Dennis Galuszka Masterbuilt Pink Paisley 2007

Skonto Price


Here is a pink paisley guitar, masterbuilt by Dennis Galuszka in 2007, in very good condition. What sets this one apart is its distinctive red streak in the pink coloring, a feature also found in the genuine ’68 pink paisleys, not just any regular custom shop piece which just look pink.

I currently don’t have the floor shop traveler, but here are some noteworthy specs: it has a 60s style oval C neck, a 9.5-inch radius neck, 6105 narrow tall frets, and it’s lightweight at 3.4kg. The 2007 price was 4599 Euros.

The multiple coating layers result in a thick lacquer, which has led to some cracking on a few edges. But this is strictly a visual matter; the actual coatings remain intact. Besides a few small dings, the guitar is in excellent shape, appearing almost unplayed, considering the frets are nearly like new. Since it is a closed classic version, the dings may have been put by Dennis himself since closed classic designs do sometimes include light relicing.

The original case and all the original extras (known as case candy) are included, right down to the original price tag.