Fender 1974 Hardtail White Ash Finish

Skonto Price

This guitar can still be found on the GuitarPoint website, where it was initially sold. It’s a fully original 1974 Hardtail in a rarely seen custom color: white ash. Though GuitarPoint labeled it as light ash and weighing 3400g, in reality, the guitar weighs around 4kg. (Lol, that’s why you should always double-check) Nevertheless, it’s an excellent investment and collector’s piece. With the prices of 70s guitars on the rise, its custom color and impressive sound make it even more valuable. I’ve had genuine 60s guitars in my collection, but early 70s models (up to ’75) often feel just as good if not better. None of those issues like shrinking, brittle pickguards, or a blocked 3-way switch. This particular piece comes with its original case and ash tray. There’s a small area below the bridge that’s slightly brighter, because something covered it for a bit (pre-guitarpoint). But other than that, I really enjoyed playing this fat lady. It has a comfortable medium-sized neck, and despite its weight, it’s super balanced.

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