Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

How to buy a guitar from you?

There are 2 options:
1. You can either buy it directly with the integrated payment methods e.g. PayPal, Klarna etc. or
2. Send us an email at, specifying the guitar you wish to buy, your billing address, and the delivery address. Following this, we will send you a receipt with the bank transaction details listed at the bottom. Once the transaction is confirmed, we will ship the guitar to your specified delivery address.

How long will it take you to ship my guitar?

Though Martha and I are employees with full-time jobs, we also engage in guitar selling/trading on the side. As a result, we may not be able to ship your guitar immediately. However, we typically ship guitars on Saturdays, if not earlier.

Which shipping service do you use and how much does shipping cost?

We only use DHL for shipping because it’s fast and reliable. Within Germany, shipping usually costs 18.49€. We recommend adding optional transport insurance. For items up to 2500€, it’s 6€. For items between 2500€ and 25000€, it’s 18€. If a guitar is slightly over 2.5k, you can choose the insurance you prefer.

For international customers, shipping costs depend on the package weight and usually cost around 50€. Please contact us for exact costs. Transport insurance is 10€ up to 2500€ and 50€ for 2500€ to 25000€. Let us know if you want insurance and the amount needed for your guitar.5

Do you negotiate the price?

You can try ;), but chances are low that you’ll get a discount. Because we think that our guitars are already offered for a good price. Nevertheless, our prices are not set in stone. If you find the same guitar offered by another commercial seller for a lower price, we will surely come to an agreement!

To what countries can you ship a guitar?

We ship our guitars throughout Europe, except for Ukraine and Russia at the moment. For countries outside the EU, please expect to pay customs duties.

I want to trade in one of my guitars, how do I do that?

Please remember that we are a business, and we need to make a profit when reselling guitars. Your offered prices should be reasonable, allowing us to make a margin. To estimate your guitar’s value, check completed sales on Reverb without offers, and subtract 9% for the Reverb fee. This will give you an idea of your guitar’s worth.

If you’d like to trade a guitar, please send us three things via email: 1. Your asking price, 2. A photo of the guitar’s front and back, and 3. A brief description of the guitar’s condition.