Gibson Les Paul Standard Premium Plus 2016 Leosounds PUs and Schaller Tuners

Skonto Price


Don’t want to spend 5 grands on a guitar that comes with a decent flamed body? Here is your opportunity to get a 2016 Standard Premium Plus in 9.8/10 condition. This les paul comes with great modification that I really like a lot! First of all, this guitar was rewired as a normal 50s Les Paul, so no annoying push pull potis. Second, to give the guitar a more interesting look, aged leosounds vintage player pafs were soldered in, which are worth 230 euros. Furthermore, the kluson tuners were replaced by schaller grand tune tuners which are without a doubt an upgrade! Since the washers for the schaller tuners are a little bit smaller than gibson washers, there are small marks on the headstock from the previous washers, but it is barely noticable. You can always install grover tuners back on it, but I would not suggest that since the schallers are much better. The flame is very noticable and dominant. It is easily on custom shop level. It has a slim 60s neck and weighs 4000g, which is a perfect weight for a les paul. The Leo PAFs sound much cleaner and hotter than the original pick ups, which I adore. So, if you are really looking for a great player, this is definitely it!


It was very rarely played on it and is basically in mint condition. There are some marks from the previous, larger washers on the top of the headstock, but these are barely notiable. Other than that, I’d give this guitar a 9.8/10.